Import your data into Flocket.

You can access the import in the dashboard.

The import let import enables you to use pre-existing data in Flocket. To import your data all you need is an excel file with the column in the right order.

The import process has 3 steps:

  • Select file

    Select a file from you phone.

  • Check the data

    Check that the data are correct

  • Import

    Import the data into Flocket

    Data will be imported in the current settlement.

Step 1 : select a file

The file must be a .csv file.

File selector.

To find out how to export a csv file from Excel, please follow the link.

The name of the column is not relevant to Flocket. It is important that the column are in the right order :

  • name
  • visual Id
  • tag
  • sexe
  • breed
  • birthday

    date must be formated like so : dd/mm/yyyy

When you have selected your file, press on next.

Step 2 : check your data

Data check.

In this step you can make sure that your data are read correctly by Flocket.

Step 3 :import


In this step your data will be imported into Flocket.

When the import is successfully completed, you will be redirected to the dashbard