The simplest way to stay connected to your animals

Flocket can be utilized by individuals in the fields of farming, veterinary medicine, and animal breeding, regardless of whether they work with sheep, goats, pigs, cats, or dogs. This tool offers the convenience of both online and offline functionality, and can be paired with a wide range of Bluetooth readers. You'll have the ability to import and export your data, as well as attach events to your animals, among other useful features.

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About Flocket
Flocket is the secure and easy way to manage your herd. You'll never again have to wonder where your animals are - with Flocket, you can map and count them from anywhere, anytime.
Bluetooth reader

compatible with all major Bluetooth serial RFID readers.


Create settlements to isolate on herd to another. You can work with different farms.


Create groups, add, remove and transfert animals from one group to another.


Your data is safe with multi-layered backup. You will never loose your data.


You can customize the way Floket reads the tags, your prefered language and more.

Offline first

Work, register offline. Your data will be backed up when you are back online

A short video presentation
How Flocket works
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create a Flocket account with your email.


add animals

register or import your animals.



connect Flocket to your bluetooth reader.



you are ready to scan your animals and create groups.

Designed for you

Payments managed by


Best option to start to know Flocket and learn.

$0 /month
  • one settlement
  • 20 animals max.
  • 3 groups
  • free updates


Relevant for user with small herd and occasionnal use

$1.99 /month
  • 3 settlements
  • 500 animals max.
  • 20 groups
  • free updates
  • standart support


Best for large herd and/or multiple settlements

$2.99 /month
  • 10 settlements
  • 5000 animals
  • 300 groups
  • free updates
  • premium support
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