Search for everything.

You can access the search in the dashboard. The search will find any entity that matches your search, whether an animal or a group.

When Flocket search is complete, you will be redirected to the search results screen. The list of results features groups and animals.

Each elements is associated to a diffent set of actions:


  • Remove

    Delete the animal from you account

  • Add / remove from group

    If you tap on the add/remove button, you will be redirected to the group list. Choose the group, your animal will be added to this group. It will be removed from the group if it is already in the selected group.

  • Information

    Redirect you to the animal's details.


  • Remove

    Delete the group from you account

    If you delete a group, the animals that are members of this group will not be deleted.

  • Edit group

    Edit information about the group such as name, description and color

  • Group members

    You will be redirected to the list of group members